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Sound and Music weekly resources

Sound and Music weekly resources

Sound and Music will be spotlighting different resources each day to support their followers in the music sector. Each day will focus on a different area:

Monday - #MondayMotivation for all artists and composers, signposting to financial support, guidance and insight

Tuesday - #ExposeAComposer from the British Music Collection, offering a snapshot of the amazing art and creators in their digital archive

Wednesday – sharing resources for all parents and teachers working to support young people learning from home

Thursday - #LiveOnTheSampler will offer a new digital forum to hear great music from @samplernews , which has been repurposed as a listings space for live streaming, podcasts and digital content

Friday - Zoom Sessions, offering composers, artists and educators a weekly space to learn skills for remote working and build a digital community

Saturday - sharing editorial highlights from the #BritishMusicCollection, providing a welcome escape into inspiring new music and the minds behind it

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