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Roots to Inspire resources for cross-cultural collaboration

Roots to Inspire resources for cross-cultural collaboration

The Roots to Inspire resources document is now available and can be used for anyone interested in making music with other people. It focusses on working with people from different cultural backgrounds across different styles of music, but it also applies to any music making with more than just one person involved. The thinking also applies to working in groups of people of different ages and/or abilities.

The resource will hopefully be useful for professional and amateur musicians, music educators, workshop leaders and composers working in a wide range of settings.

You can download the Roots to Inspire resource document at the link below.

The Roots to Inspire project aimed to highlight the rich diversity of musical traditions in Kirklees through creative collaboration. The programme, supervised by Toby Martin, paired musicians/artists Sam Hodgson, Testament, Supriya Nagarajan and Lisa Luxx with community music groups in Kirklees in order to create new music or a new take on traditional music. You can watch a short film highlighting the four different projects at

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