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Makeover for Music School - Musica Kirklees

Makeover for Music School - Musica Kirklees

It’s a new school year and with it comes a brand new look for Kirklees Music School which will now be known as Musica Kirklees.
The rebrand follows a period of change for the organisation and, says Principal Thom Meredith, better represents the broader range of services offered to the Kirklees community. “We are committed to, and focussed on, the future of music making in Kirklees and with Arts Council England’s support will continue to lead musical development in our area,” he added.
Muisca Kirklees provides a wide range of music related activities in schools and centres. This includes music tuition, ensemble playing, workshops and professional development for school staff.
The Musica Kirklees brand comes into effect today (September 1).
Initially the logo will read ‘Musica’ with a sub heading ‘Kirklees Music School’ to help everyone get used to the change. As familiarity with the new name grows, the logo will simply read ‘Musica Kirklees’ with the ‘Music School’ part of the logo disappearing. The sharp sign before the name will double as a hashtag for the Twitter account and a symbol by which to identify the organisation on other social media.
The five music centres and central groups, such as the youth orchestra, youth brass band and jazz orchestra have also been given a makeover with new logos and in some cases new names.
“The ‘Musica’ theme runs through from the main logo to all music centres and central ensembles in order to demonstrate the strong family links between the parent company and all the groups and activities which make up our organisation.
“ We are delighted with the new look and want to encourage as many parents and carers as possible to consider the amazing social and educational benefits that being involved in music can bring,” Mr Meredith added.

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