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Mrs Price's Parlour Amanda Boyd singer Communicating Heritage Through Combined Arts

Amanda works with archive films and folk songs for live performance.
She tours extensively throughout the West Country and received an Artist's International Development Award from the Arts Council for research and performance work in The Appalachians USA.

She delivers arts and heritage projects in theatres, arts centres with schools, with senior citizens and most recently for The Curzon Cinema & Arts in Clevedon. She is currently working with a group of shanty men from Dorset in preparation for a show at The Marine Theatre in November.

'Amanda's voice swooped and dipped evoking the Somerset countryside across a range of songs including Sprig of Thyme and Foggy Dew. Songs associated with the Mendips.'

Her inspiration is the Somerset folk song repertoire collected by Cecil Sharp. Through song research and performance she celebrates song collectors such as Cecil Sharp, The Hammond Brothers, Alfred Williams, the original singers they collected songs from, showcasing local songs and reuniting people with their song heritage.

Wherever in the world the songs are performed, there is one for every occasion!

'....a charmingly jangly and upbeat set of folk songs focusing on stories about or told by women. From drunken maidens ringing up bar tabs, to sweet love stories and women holding up men at gunpoint to see if they’ve been faithful.... a mix of lovely, raucous and insightful snatches of folk from a woman’s perspective..' .

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