Jess and Moira Sing

Jess and Moira Sing Jess and Moira Sing

Jess Baker and Moira Wade are both members of the Natural Voice Network and have been leading harmony singing sessions for over 5 years with people of all ages. Jess is also and accomplished singer/songwriter.

We believe that singing is a birthright to which we are all entitled. We offer singing in a relaxed, informal and fun way. We teach all songs by ear so there's no need to read music or have any previous experience. We let people choose whether they want to sing high, medium or low, and even try them all if they want.

Every session starts with a gentle warm up to get the voice, body and breath moving and we sing songs from a range of genres including familiar, folk, African and more.

Most of all we love to sing and we love to share our love of singing with other people.

For more information phone us or send us an email; we'd love to hear from you.

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Hoot Creative Arts

Bates Mill
Milford St

Telephone: 07543 866 328

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Join Jess and Moira for 10 glorious harmony singing sessions to celebrate the winter solstice. Come to one, to some or to all. Beginners and singers...

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