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MaverickMustang Manuscripts Maverick Mustang Manuscripts (England)

This organisation is the publishing wing of The Shanty Shack.
The website is primarily the author platform for the Writer& Poet - Dusti Rodes
On the site, I use it to blog and as an information point for details of fellow writers of my acquaintance and their works.
Poetry is published under the banner of Dagenwulf Poetry (On Silent Wings)
Prose work is published under the auspice of Bootleg Books.
Personally I am a member of a local writing group, Stevenage Writers Group that meet in the Snug Bar of The Dun Cow, 32 Letchmore Road, Stevenage Old Town. on Wednesday evenings, 5.00 pm till 7.00 pm.

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9 Wychdell

9 Wychdell

Telephone: 07778 560 093

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