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My name’s Lydia Haram, and i’m currently a third year student at The University of Huddersfield studying graphic design. I've now been studying graphic design for ten years now. I've got a keen interest in design, and the way it shapes the community around us.

I'm partaking in a sandwich course at University, which means I take a year out in industry - this all goes towards my final degree and the grade I achieve. While preparing for my placement year, and working out which companies I might possibly like to work for. I was given the opportunity to apple for the University's Enterprise Placement course.

I was lucky enough to pass the interview stages, and gained myself a space on the EPY (Enterprise Placement Year) - during this year i'm able to build and own my first ever business. This has been a life long dream of mine, and I'm enjoying every minute of it!

My business name is Windigo, and i’m specialising in equine safety - i’m starting off with a collection of high visibility garments for both horse and rider. For both horse and rider there will be three individual garment collections, starting off with a level 1 and working up towards a level 3. The level 1 garments will have the least amount of high visibility used within it, and the level 3 - has the most high visibility material used within the garment.

My plan is to design all garments and source the materials myself. I don't own or house the machinery needed to produce the garments - so I plan to find another company within Yorkshire possibly to do this for me.

I’m at the beginning stages of setting up my company, and i’m looking to attended some networking events or/and talks/lectures. By doing this I can introduce myself, and my upcoming business, along with getting to know possible future customers and gain a huge amount of advice, guidance and help.

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Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Flat 10
52 Bankfield Road
West Yorkshire

Telephone: 07896 095 727

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