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Frisky and Mannish: PopCorn

Frisky and Mannish: PopCorn

Like so many, Frisky and Mannish have spent the last 18 months slumped on the couch, wolfing through mail-order snacks and repeat-watching favourite movies. However, unlike the rest of you slobs, F&M were actually tirelessly researching their latest project: PopCorn, a brand-new cinema-themed musical comedy extravaganza celebrating* great films!

From its sweeping soundtracks and iconic themes to its ludicrous tropes, the silver screen is fertile ground for this acclaimed pair of pop academics. They’ve rigorously examined the inner workings of truly great films, such as Mrs Doubtfire, Strictly Ballroom, and Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride to name but a few. They’ve explored ideas that directors may not have considered (Scarface is, in fact, much snappier as a musical, FYI). So, this riotous double act are fully prepared to rip apart and redefine cinema as we know it.

Unlike their previous world premieres, however, PopCorn is a digital event. This is a new format for the duo, and, typically, they aren’t doing it quite like anyone else. Alongside the live-filmed pop music tit-aboutery, F&M will share with the audience the story of how the show came to be made. As an action-packed, comedic romp through movie genres, obviously. In an exciting collaboration between the Lawrence Batley Theatre and, F&M will be realising their vision more fully than ever before - sketches, new characters, visual effects, a narrative. This ambitious project has been a first for the whole team, and all in the noble pursuit of taking the piss out of movies.

Part-movie, part-live show, part-parody, part-love letter to cinema - PopCorn is the digital realisation of everything audiences and critics have come to love about Frisky & Mannish.

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