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Kym Vealé Writer, lyricist, vocalist......

'The Radio Years'.........

"A radio themed programme inspired by Henry Hall's guest night revives 'The Golden age of music' songs from the 30's, 40's & 50’s"........

‘If you have a hidden passion to relive and connect to the sincerity, romance, and everything good this era stood for, whilst celebrating the talent and songs from this time, then the ‘The Radio Years’ would love to take you back on a journey to a radio themed show setting the scene from yesteryear with an authentic wireless, a 1950's microphone, vintage dress and the original recordings of all the great sounds from yesteryear'.....

Every show is filled with joy, life and hope with an encouraging heart from myself as a vocalist to bring back that personal touch this wonderful music gave all those years ago and is still quite clearly continuing to inspire it's audience today!

'If you would like to bring a personal touch of unity, happiness and the celebration of this timeless music, whether it be a Birthday Celebration, Anniversary or just a unique touch for any small event or organisation, The Radio Years promisies to transport you back to this beautiful time within music!'..............

"Last but not least!"....'calling all talented musicians and songwriters!!!!'
Whilst touring the care home industry within the County of Sussex , inspired by a true musical British gem 'Henry Hall'.
I captured the cherished memories of his Saturday evening guest night from 1932 at the BBC to help revive not only the memories of our precious elderly, but a dream I have to gather some talented musicians/songwriters and revive some of the greatest sounds ever produced from this era.
For eleven years I have studied the rhythms and wonderful sounds within jazz and swing, from the Tommy Dorseys to the Benny Goodmans and now feel it's time to develop my journey further as a vocalist within a live band environment.
If you are a musician and would like to start something new, please contact me;

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