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Library Adventures Live! with Josh Lacey

Encouraging a love of reading and writing with Josh Lacey

Children’s book author Josh Lacey brings to life the exciting world of Hope in Hope Jones Saves the World. This new series from the acclaimed author of The Dragonsitter introduces readers to Hope, an ambitious 10-year-old who is on a mission to use less plastic, and get those around her to stop too!

Written in a blog format, this is an inspirational story proving you’re never too young to make a big difference.

Book reviews:
“Via funny, believable blog posts, Hope narrates the progress of her anti-plastic struggle, with protests outside the local supermarket, attempts to get her grumpy neighbour recycling and missteps along the way. Lacey’s focus on small gains and collective action makes for a lively and heartening read.” Imogen Russell Williams, The Guardian

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