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The Legendary hummingbird uk

The Legendary hummingbird uk

The Legendary Humming bird

A series of mixed media collage paintings
The inspiration behind this series of art works called the legendary hummingbirds came from a journey too the Caribbean island of Trinindad where the hummingbird is placed with great respect upon its historic crest. The work demonstrates a historical play of animals of Africa as did the painter Rousseau, to capture the imagination of peoples. It works with the ancien concept of the Aztecs , as its said the earths first flower was fathered by the god of poetry in the shape of a hummingbird.The Amerindians called the hummingbird Yerette, and believed these mysterious birds, with their vibrant colours , flittering wings demonstrating aerial acrobatics contained the very souls of their ancestors. The hummingbird was the fasted wing beat , nintytimes per second , it can flybackwards , sideways and upside-down. It is the smallest bird in the world, laying the smallest eggs , living in the smallest nest, but consuming the most food, half its bodyweight, making it relative to its size, the biggest eater! The series of pictures aim to capture in an imaginative and enigmatic way holding the human condition as the souls of our ancestors, in the mysterious concept of journey and ancient concepts.

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The legendary Hummingbirds

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