Julian Seager Actor

Julian Seager Actor Julian Seager Actor

Professional Actor living in Torbay. I have worked on a wide range of feature films and television shows. in the last year I have performed with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hiddlestone, Russell Crowe, Chris Hemsworth, Julie Walters and many more. I have been directed by Ron Howard, Sir Richard Eyre & Tom Hooper.

I am film combat trained by the BAA & Andreas Petrides.

I support local filming and have starred in three Devon/Torbay films in 2012.

View my website http://www.starnow.com/julianseager/

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Lite Blues Episode 1Lite Blues Episode 1

Warning: Contains strong language. "The Lite Blues"Episode 1: "The Slow Method"

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Palm Mute - When The Sun Goes DownPalm Mute - When The Sun Goes Down

Recorded at Shed Studios Jan 09

Lullaby - Bryce Dumont & Lee SeagerLullaby - Bryce Dumont & Lee Seager

Lullaby - created and recorded in two takes!