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Julia Elmore / News / Tue 19 Jan 2021

Creative Collage online course for all ages

Creative Collage online course for all ages

To help make creativity accessible to everyone during lockdown, I created a low-cost collage course to appeal to all ages and abilities.

Those who are in search of fresh ideas or inspiration can gain instant access to FIVE step-by-step creative collage projects for JUST £22.00.

These five creative collage projects were designed with children aged 6-11 in mind, but they are fun and accessible for older children and adults as well, making them suitable for all ages. Each project offers clear guidance, making the ideas easy to follow. The videos can be taken as a starting point, offering ideas and suggestions, but you are fully encouraged to follow your personal creative inspiration and make design choices along the way to make the artwork very much your own.

Each of the five creative collage projects in this bundle of lessons comes with the following:

• PDF template to use as your starting point
• PDF of simple step-by-step instructions
• Time lapse video showing a sample collage being made
• A real-time video tutorial lasting approx. 30 mins

I hope you will explore and enjoy!

For more information visit https://juliaelmore.vipmembervault.com/products/courses/view/1035828

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