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Jo Blaker

Jo Blaker / Events / Sat 25 Jun 2022

Urban Sketching - June

Urban Sketching - June

Urban Sketching is a free, social activity enjoyed by people all around the world. We'd love you to join us to give it a go in Huddersfield! Why? For many reasons but here are our favourites:
Huddersfield possesses an abundance of impressive, characterful & historic architecture which is interesting to draw
We believe not only that drawing is REALLY good for us but that participating in group drawing activities offers many social & artistic benefits.
Our town-centres need our love & what better way to show that than by gathering to draw in & around it?

Have a look at our Facebook page -
Find out about Urban Sketching -

How does it work?
Everyone brings their own drawing equipment - something to draw on & something to draw with. There are no rules about materials - use whatever you like! No materials provided.

We meet in Huddersfield & draw at a chosen location or 2 in the town centre - where everyone feels safe, comfortable & is happy to draw.

We recently begun trialling an optional monthly theme - to help anyone overwhelmed by entire buildings or scenes to select subject matter & explore ways of approaching it through a series of sketches.
We all draw! This is not a tutored event. You draw what you see, your way.
Then we might move on & find another location.
You'll be invited to join us at a cafe to take a look at each others drawings & exchange supportive feedback. No one will say what you've done is wrong. No one will say "you can't draw". No one will force you to share your work. Some of us may then continue drawing together around Hudds, but if you'd like to head home - no problem!

What will we draw?
We will look at the environment around us & each person will be free to choose what they draw & how - whether that is people, buildings or nature.

What if it chucks it down?
We've got our eye on a few covered but outdoor locations around the town centre that we will use incase of rain

What do I need to do?
Book a ticket to help us monitor numbers & contact you in event of cancellation/change of meeting location
Choose & prepare sketching materials
Check a forecast on the day & dress appropriately
Meet at Harold Wilson, outside Huddersfield Train Station on the date & time shown & be prepared to draw :-)
Who can I ask?
For more information contact Jo - or visit our Facebook group page -

For more information visit

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