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Clear Waters Arts Trail

Clear Waters Arts Trail

For 3 weeks from the end of October you may well see some unusual objects in the shops of Totnes when, from the 29th October to the 19th November, Totnes welcomes the “Clear Water Art Trail” to the town, a trail which will include art works made by local artists, schools, the town library as well as other groups in and around Totnes.

Works will be displayed in shop windows in Fore Street, the High Street and in the Narrows as well as Morrisons supermarket. The library and Totnes Cinema are also included in the trail.

The trail accompanies and supports the Transition Town Film Festival (13-18 November) and aims to draw attention, in a playful and creative way, to the importance of keeping our waters both crystal clear as well as clean.

As a precursor to the trail on the 25th of October at 11am, Totnes library will be opening its doors to a storytelling and visual workshop. "Nessy of Totnes", a tale all about the plastic eating fish, will be told by Elly Stewart, a professional storyteller who is already known to regular visitors to the library. She will be accompanied by Muriel Soriano, a local artist who will be facilitating the visual workshop.

An exhibit of work will follow in January 2019 at the Ariel Centre, Kevics, Totnes. More information can be found on the Transition Town Totnes Film Festival website: or by contacting the Art Trail organiser Muriel Soriano on 01803 445 756 / 07497 543684.

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