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Sing John Ball - Far Cry Acapella

Far Cry Acapella wanted to remind themselves and you of the power of singing to raise our spirits during lockdown. Sing John Ball is Sydney Carters rousing anthem to commemorate the 500 year anniversary of The Peasants' Revolt led by Watt Tyler. While we've been lockdowned and unable to sing together this song has become one of our top faves. Enjoy, join in or just listen but mostly we hope it makes you smile.

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Far Cry are a mixed acapella performance group based in Huddersfield, We come together for the joy of singing but also to create a great sound and share that with you and others. We sing a range of material from folk traditions locally and around the world, popular classics like Moon River plus original material especially from our locality and own experiences.

Why not check out this song we recorded during lockdown for our local Moonraking Festival in Slaithwaite

Our repertoire can be tailored to a range of events - expect anything from South African freedom songs. Bulgarian love songs, Luddite anthems to fun with cowboy hats for Don't Fence Me In. We have sung at local arts Festivals in Hebden Bridge, Holmfirth and the Colne Valley, in libraries, on the street, in cafes, at conferences, to fundraise for good causes as well as our own gigs.

Far Cry singers are:

Anita Carr
Carol Hodge
Chris Ripley
Colleen Whyatt
Dennis Killen
Des Charles
Diane Adderley
Elaine Lonsdale
Gillian Spooner
Gwyneth Lonergan
Jackie Murphy
Jane French
Kath Shackleton
Kath Moore
Linda Keane
Liz Parker
Matthew Blair
Ruth Sutton
Susan Jones
Sally Brown

Massive thanks to Sydney Carter for this fabulous song, to Liz Powers for the arrangement and permission to use it and to Katie Mallard from for editing the video and her endless patience

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