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Lightweight at Huddersfield Festival of Light

Lightweight at Huddersfield Festival of Light

LightWeight has been specially designed to complement twilight or evening celebrations and for use in dark spaces. The animations can be customised to tell a 360˚ story seen by spectators around the outside, and are enhanced by multi-channel music from hidden speakers. LightWeight can combine different modes to suit your event:

- Unique: as the focus for an event – using our quirky and intriguing range of video, music and animation effects programmed in a unique and captivating presentation.

- Interactive: our latest innovation features face recognition camera - we invite participation in a creative, playful and interactive mode, mixing people’s faces with live animations that move around the globe.

- Bespoke: use as a creative public showcase to present video, images or sounds developed by other artists and organisations, or let us develop new material that reflects your theme.

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Huddersfield Festival of Light

St Georges Sq

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