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Open Call Huddersfield Commissions

Open from – 1/2/2021

Expires – 6/3/2021

Organisation – Huddersfield BID

Huddersfield BID has 4 key objectives some of which include promoting a lively, attractive and safe town centre and we intend to do this through the power of art, creativity, public realm or any other ways in which connections want to suggest!

We would like the commissions to explore and celebrate at least one of the factors which are suggested below:

A celebration of Huddersfield’s rich heritage in a unique format
A celebration of Huddersfield’s distinct cultural offer in a unique format
A journey between Huddersfield’s industrial heritage to present day digital/creative offer
A nod of the cap to difficult times (2020 Covid etc) but a distinctive vision of better times ahead.
Ultimately, we want these commissions to be impactful, increase perceptions, provide a community focal point, increase awareness and footfall to Huddersfield Town Centre.

We have a set budget, to which we’re happy to share with interested parties, where we hope to deliver as much impact throughout the town centre as possible. We may also explore match funding grants.

We have a number of locations in mind, with part permissions, which can be found here but we are more than open to suggested sites/locations too. We are also very open to suggestions on the format in which these commissions are delivered – street art, murals, vinyl, material, greenery, lighting….surprise us!

Artists/applicants will be required to:

Outline their chosen proposal with draft designs and description
Outline their chosen location
Work collaboratively with the BID, it’s partners and community group
Outline full costs involved and a brief timeline of the works
Provide evidence of the relevant insurances and statutory obligations
The commissions are likely to be awarded in late March 2021 and hoped to be delivered in the early-mid summer of 2021.

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