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Dark Sublime

Dark Sublime

Dark Sublime is a fictional British sci-fi series that ran on ITV from 1979 to 1981, trying to outdo its contemporaries - Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek - on a shoestring budget, by featuring tropes like time travel, cursed gemstones and parallel dimensions. Due to industrial action, and changing tastes, the show was short-lived, and to many seems kitsch and dated; yet in the present day, the show resonates emotionally for a band of superfans. Amongst them is Oli (Adam Croft), a young and naïve bookshop worker, who loves to escape into the fantasy realm of Dark Sublime. We follow Oli as he attempts to rekindle the interest in the, now 35-year-old show, but we see that this is no easy task, since the passage of years has changed all involved.

Marianne Hogg (Lynne Whitaker) once played Ragana, the despotic witch of the show, who used her powers to break through into our world. Now far from being an intergalactic Maleficent, Marianne - middle-aged and jaded - mooches around her modestly decorated flat eating sweets and quaffing wine.

Oli sees Marianne as a fly in amber, a kind of living relic to examine, and lives his life vicariously through events three decades old, but Marianne is understandably indifferent to things long forgotten by the sands of time, creating a personality dynamic of excitement versus apathy, with a spectrum of emotional themes, such as romantic regrets, struggles with sexuality and fragile self-esteem. Much like the plot of an actual sci-fi episode, Oli and Marianne are trapped in the different time streams of past and present, out of sync with each other.

Add to the mix, Kate (Hannah Head) - Marianne’s best friend - who has found solace in the affections of the younger Suzanne (Alicia Holdsworth). They enjoy each other's company as any recently formed couple do, but Marianne is, on the surface not happy for them - and while Kate may realise why, she is uncomfortable challenging her friend. Beyond the stars, we are transported to a darkened space ship, where we meet the intrepid Vykar (Gareth Dickinson) brandishing a questionable ray gun, who speaks with Kosley, the ship's computer (the voice of Patrick Hibbin) an artificial intelligence with an attitude, who helps Vykar in his mission to prevent Ragana acquiring the ‘shadow ruby’.

Dark Sublime not only follows the quest for the ‘shadow ruby’, but also has resonance in the real world: romantic obsessions, threatened friendships, wildly comical dialogue, but all contained a real narrative we can all recognise, enjoy and learn from.

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