CALL FOR PROPOSALS for 4TH World Congree of Psychogeography

CALL FOR PROPOSALS for 4TH World Congree of Psychogeography

Kirklees's Festival of flaneuring will be back again from 6 to 8 September 2019, and organisers are issuing a CALL FOR PROPOSALS for local people who would like to contribute to the proposals.

You may want to lead a walk or give a talk about some lesser-know or intriguing aspect of the borough, or give a novel slant on an entirely familiar place. This year we are focusing on Dewsbury, Marsden and central Huddersfield.

Psychogeography is about how different environments make us think and feel as we pass through them, and how we in turn can have an effect upon them. It can be our experience of being in new or very different place, more often than not psychogeography is a technique for revealing something new or surprising about places we might think we know like the backs of our hands.

The usual method is walking, and it can involve various tricks to take us along unaccustomed routes, or to heighten our senses to what is around us. The city can seem a very different place if you walk alone or in a group, or walk it at different times of day or in different weather. And imagine how it feels if you walk it pretending to be something else, and how the crowd might respond to you.

Psychogeography can be very playful and irreverent, gently subverting the normal routines of our A to B lives. But it can be hard-hitting too, asking difficult questions about the kind of cities we live in - about the injustices we take for granted, and about who has power and who has not.

But psychogeography can come in many forms other than walking. For example in the visual arts and map-making, through film and photography, and through music and soundscapes.

We tackle it all in the space of 3 exciting days in September - and anyone can join in, free of charge.

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