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Huddersfield Mrs Sunderland Festival TREASURER

Huddersfield Mrs Sunderland Festival TREASURER

The person does not need to be a qualified accountant, just able to do the job. The chair is a qualified accountant and will be on hand to support .

* The Festival is a limited company by guarantee and a registered charity and in its 133 year.
* Around 4,000 performers take part over 10 days each February. Age range 4 to 90+.
* The monies transacted each year are around £40K.
* The role is to maintain the records, make payments, produce and file accounts.
* The previous treasurer has administered two local repeat grant applications.
* The annual routine runs along the lines of receipts September - November whilst performers enter and sponsors monies received. Costs are met February / March. The rest of the year largely no activity other than paying the odd invoice, subscriptions and the like and finalising the accounts. So not onerous.
* The Treasurer's involvement during the actual festival can be as much or little as the person wishes. There is no absolute requirement for the Treasurer to attend at all as ticket / programme sales are dealt with by another volunteer.
* The festival is always developing and all of the Committee contribute. There are 11 committee members each with their own specific role.
* The festival is run entirely by unpaid volunteers.

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