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Sarah Jay Hawley – Zen, Drugs ‘n’ Rock ‘n’ Roll

Sarah Jay Hawley – Zen, Drugs ‘n’ Rock ‘n’ Roll

Sarah Jay Hawley is a platinum-winning, internationally renowned singer/songwriter with a career spanning 30 years. Best known for writing and singing “Dissolved Girl” on Massive Attacks’ album Mezzanine.

For the last two decades, Sarah has brought her passion, expertise and experience of being a professional musician into her role as a mum and a vocal/performance coach.

Following a life-changing stroke, cancer, surgery and a car crash in 2016/17, Sarah Jay has spent the last five years in recovery and discovered she is neuro-diverse. Her 4D ‘gig theatre’ memoir Zen, Drugs ‘n’ Rock ‘n’ Roll marks her re-emergence as a creative force – focusing on healing as a creative process, and creativity as a healing activity.

ZDRR lifts the lid on the misogyny endemic in the music scene, punctures the glorification of fame and addiction, explores the “making it” myth and fame’s volatile mix of ego, insecurity and destructive coping strategies.

Ultimately, Sarah Jay offers hope in this show, which is based on her memoir.

“I wrote in recovery to piece my brain and memory back together, and to give me reason to get up in the morning, it was a very dark time. It comes from a perspective of recovery and redemption through music. I know that the power of music can bring lost souls back in tune with the cosmic symphony, back to life and happiness – cos I’m living proof.”

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