Huddersfield Carnival is brought to you by Huddersfield African Caribbean Cultural Trust (HACCT). The overall aim of the Trust is to advance, promote, encourage, and develop appreciation of and participation in African–Caribbean Culture including Carnival and street arts, their traditions, music and crafts.

To achieve this, the Huddersfield Carnival has its own committee to lead the Carnival, known as ‘The Carnival Management Committee (CMC)’.

CMC are the passionate, dedicated, and diverse group of 13 members who all volunteer around their jobs, studies, and families. The team members have been brought together by the shared love for carnival and the burning desire to see its return to the streets of Huddersfield.

The new team have worked together since 2019, with varying ages and skills, and the team motto “keep the vibe alive”.

CMC keep the traditions of carnival’s music, costumes, artistry, poetry, cuisine, and dance alive, but most significantly they inclusively share the history of carnival.

The team have worked hard Bid writing to achieve funding towards running small carnival projects, working with designers, local children and young people and hosting pop-up performances and workshops, as well as mastering the art of hosting a vibrant and exciting ‘On-line Carnival’ (partnering with local DJs', radio stations, music studios, college, chefs etc).

In terms of the number of participants and audience, a conservative estimate suggests that over 40,000 people attend the Huddersfield Carnival each year. Therefore, represents a significant event in the town’s cultural calendar and provides a substantial boost to the local economy.

CMC is well respected and considered one of the leading groups in the community. The team are not afraid of hard work and share determination to get "on the road again", (when it is safe to do so). There is no doubt that CMC have a huge love and passion for not only the Huddersfield Carnival, but the people who enjoy it also.

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Huddersfield Carnival Management Committee has been successful in receiving a £14,500 share of a £90,000 grant from Historic England as part of the Hu...

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