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Alexander Douglas solo jazz

An evening of sacred jazz with Alexander Douglas

As one of the UK's most enigmatic improvising musicians and having been mentored by artists as diverse as Robert Mitchell and the late John Taylor, Alexander plays right in the intersection of the 'Anglo-European' and 'African-American' jazz traditions, binding them with aspects of the English jazz avant-garde he learned from Keith Tippett as well as contemporary gospel music. This concert is the beginning of a brand new project that will bring JS Bach's phenomenal chorale settings into dialogue with African-American spirituals.

“Alexander Douglas is a contemporary jazz musician…who also has a deeply enduring love for the Lord… [Songs of the Heart] was…artfully constructed and beautifully sung. Douglas’s oblique piano interludes provided some welcome moments of introspection, evoking the complexities and challenges that faith presents…” (The Guardian)

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