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Holme Valley Sharing Memories Holme Valley Sharing Memories

Holme Valley Sharing Memories is a group of older people (in their 70s, 80s, & 90s) based in the rural Holme Valley of Kirklees, West Yorkshire. Since 1994 we have worked in the heart of the community teaching our members new skills and passing these skills on to other community groups across Kirklees.

The core group of older people works with three dedicated arts project workers, using creativity as a focus for shared inter-generational activity with other, hard to reach, groups. Our projects, which include painting, drawing, creative writing, pottery, singing, textiles, photography and reminiscence work, often culminate in public exhibitions or performances, which build the confidence of all participants and raise awareness in the community. We offer opportunities for disparate groups to come together, develop relationships, learn new skills and celebrate their lives and experiences. Most recently our elderly members have worked with:

• Pupils from local infant, junior, primary, secondary and special schools
• Adults in secure mental health units recovering from mental health issues
• Adults in society dealing with mental health issues
• Marginalised teenagers
• Other older people in residential homes

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Phoenix Community Centre

Dunford Road

Telephone: 07850 622 918
Email: sharingmemoriesgroup@gmail.com
Website: http://www.sharingmemoriesgroup.com/

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