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Photographing Nature Workshop Part 2

Photographing Nature Workshop Part 2

This event is cancelled. We hope to reschedule for later in the year and will reopen bookings shortly.

Our Photographing Nature Workshops are in two parts and are aimed at the beginner to intermediate photographer.
It is not necessary to attend both workshops - each covers different aspects of creative photography.

The content of this second session builds on the technical elements of creative photography presented in the first session, which included aperture, shutter speed and film speed (ISO).

The second session presents guidelines and softer concepts used in creative photography, including:

Composition Guidelines:
Rule of Thirds
Rule of Odds
Negative Space
Showing Motion
Shooting Angles
Landscape or Portrait
Direction of Lighting
Dawn & Dusk
Elements of Composition - line, shape, form, texture, pattern, colour, close-up technique of butterflies, birds and plants
Suggestions on how to use of your images

Parting thoughts
9.45am - 10am Arrive, tea and coffee available
10am – 12pm Presentation
12pm – 2pm Lunch and outdoor session
2pm – 4pm Review and discuss images, final round-up

The morning session will be a classroom-based session.

The lunchtime break of two hours will afford enough time to explore Leavesden Country Park and put into practice the techniques learnt during the morning session.
Lunch can be purchased in the cafe or you are welcome to bring your own packed lunch.

The afternoon session will be a chance to review the images everyone has captured during the lunch break and learn from them.

£39 per person - suitable for adults only

For more information visit https://www.hertswildlifetrust.org.uk/events/2020-05-20-photographing-nature-workshop-part-2

Event Location

Leavesden HIVE

Leavesden Country Park
College Road
Abbots Langley

Telephone: 01727 858 901
Email: events@hmwt.org
Website: https://www.hertswildlifetrust.org.uk/events/2020-05-20-photographing-nature-workshop-part-2

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