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Hayley Suviste is hcmf// Artist of the Month

Hayley Suviste is hcmf// Artist of the Month

We’re delighted to announce sound artist Hayley Suviste as our first hcmf// Artist of the Month!

Throughout our Artist of the Month series, we’ll be presenting in-depth examinations of composers from Fielding Talent, our artist development strand. As well as featuring their work, we’ll be offering these musicians a space to provide first-hand accounts of their music. This February, we’re thrilled to spotlight the work of Hayley Suviste, and to highlight her recent hcmf// commission Edgeland.

Working across field recording, archival sound, electronic hardware and live instrumentation, Suviste uses her music to explore community and culture. Her work celebrates identities and traditions of the world, drawing on first-hand oral histories and working closely with those who can provide the most accurate document of their environment. Much of her music is immersed in the urban narratives of her local Manchester, observing the ways in which the city’s past ripples out into the present day, with industries and communities impacting how it is now.

Throughout the next month, Suviste will be featured on our website, where she’ll be providing her own perspective on the processes that go into her pieces, including musical improvisation, community research and building immersive soundscapes. We’ll be examining recent and upcoming compositions from Suviste, as well as her local sound walk organisation The Manchester Ear.

We’re excited to be providing a second chance to listen to Suviste’s piece Edgeland, an hcmf// commission premiered at the festival in 2020. Written as a commentary on Manchester’s disappearing urban spaces, the piece centers on the threatened Ryebank Fields space, and gathers testimonial from activists trying to keep it alive. Edgeland will be available from our website from Thursday 11 February.

We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know Suviste’s incredible music over the next month.

For more information visit http://hcmf.co.uk/hayley-suviste-is-our-artist-of-the-month/

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