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Sunday Life Drawing - non tutored

Sunday Life Drawing - non tutored

You will be given basic drawing supplies in a ziplock bag, which you can take or leave at the end, and a few sheets of paper on your easel. You can bring your own supplies along, but must take everything home with you, as there is no tutor to sanitise or clean equipment at the end of this session.

Somebody will be overseeing the timings of poses, making sure that the model is comfortable, and ensuring that everyone follows Covid-19 measures that we have in place in the studio. Other than that - you are free to do as you please with the materials and allotted time!

You should bring your own refreshments along for the short break, which will take place half way through the session, there will be disposable cups available for drinking water. The studio has a tech room for cleaning your own equipment at the end of the session, bathroom facilities and wifi is available if needed.

The sessions are 2 hours, £15 pp, non tutored, 10:30 am -12:30 pm. Doors will open 5 minutes before the class starts, so please do not turn up any earlier, as the model needs to prepare for the session.

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