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I paint with melted beeswax.,
I have been creating pictures for over 20 years
I find the melted wax is perfect for recreating the rolling hills of the Pennines.
I have a work space and shop in 'The Loft' at Tunnel End Marden, on the top floor of the Visitor Centre, I am open 10 till 4 Saturdays and Sundays. You can watch me making these fascinating picture and buy original art from me, prices start at £2.50.
Encaustic Art is produced by melting pure coloured beeswax blocks onto the base of a hot iron and spreading to create wonderful paintings.
The art form itself originates from ancient Egypt and Greece.
They used a charcoal fire and heated up a knife to spread the wax. There are still some early examples in the British Museum.
The paintings have a quality difficult to achieve using any other medium.The pictures are permanent and will not fade.

My Location


'The Loft'
Top Floor (lift button 2)
Standedge Visitor Centre
Waters Road
Tunnel End Marsden
Every Saturday and Sunday
10 till 4
Pram & wheelchair friendly

Telephone: 01484 847 091
Email: fishy300@aol.com

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