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Try Smiling Schools Tour

Try Smiling Schools Tour

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"You know when our pupils have had a good time, they can't hide it in their faces or hold back from telling everyone about it. The Electric Umbrella shows are fun filled, musical extravaganzas bursting with energy, colour and joy, performed by a cast of superstars. The cast grew and grew as everyone was welcomed onto the stage to sing, dance, blow a trombone or bang a drum. A proper interactive experience that shouts inclusivity, opportunity, respect, interaction and independence"
Headmaster Pebblebrook School, Aylesbury

Book your 45 assembly shaped minutes with Electric Umbrella at the helm. It's your school's chance to learn the TRY SMILING song along with Makaton Sign language to encourage inclusivity and working together to challenge your children's perception of those living with learning disabilities.

There's no better way to actively take part in the HERTFORDSHIRE YEAR OF CULTURE 2020 welcoming in equality, diversity and creativity.

Bookings from March - July 2020

Here's what the teachers say:-

"Today we were visited by a force of nature...Electric Umbrella. Our children were honoured to be delivered such a musical treat by such wonderful people. A lesson for us all in these somewhat troubled times...we are all human and we can all find a common link in humanity".
St John's Watford.

“Thank you for such an amazing performance! The staff were still talking about how brilliant it was after school yesterday, and singing the Electric Umbrella song. The children absolutely loved it. To see a former pupil and adults with learning difficulties having a great time is really valuable for our pupils. It is such a fantastic initiative and we feel very privileged to have been able to experience it."
St Luke's Redbourne

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For more information visit https://www.electricumbrella.co.uk/trysmiling

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Telephone: 07452 806 517
Email: info@electricumbrella.co.uk
Website: https://www.electricumbrella.co.uk/trysmiling

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