The Precious Plant 102x61cm

The Precious Plant 102x61cm

This Art works are three-dimensional, made entirely of wood, using a mixed technique (inlay-wood sculpture - painting). Initially small pieces are collected from various kinds of carpentry, then the pieces of recyclable wood placed in plywood base to create or form the Design, then treated with sandpaper so that it is smooth ή to be smoothed, the frame is being prepared which is an integral part of the <table> project and finally repositioned in the original plan and glued or gum and polished, rubbed and stained with acrylic paints. Each project is unique and very difficult to replicate or almost impossible even by me the artist it’s a laborious and a time consuming task. The themes of the projects have to do with both nature and man, but there are also abstract designs.
The Three-dimentional design in correspondance with the lively colours give a dynamic feeling which doesn't go unnoticed - one might say it comes alive.This Original unique Decorative wood Craft art works design, hand made wood Wall painting ready to hang.
The pieces of wood that is used in making or creating this design art works, are recyclable waste product from furniture companies. During the making. of furniture’s like tables, chairs etc.
The UV protection on the acrylic colors, provide excellent durability even if disposed to adverse weather conditions.
The UV filters also protect this art works from the damaging effects of sunlight. The painting is acrylic.

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