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Dance and Fitness classes

Dance and Fitness classes

Elizabeth is running taster classes at Pyramid Studios in Torquay starting on the 25th of November to create interest in regular weekly classes

These classes will run for three sundays in a row

Each taster class is £5 or £3 for more than one class

All classes are for those aged 15 and over

screenshot_20180508-171903-e1540042905181.jpgThese taster classes will be:

Flex 12:00

Beginners Ballet 13:00

Choreography 14:00

Beginners Ballet:

This class is perfect for anyone who has no ballet experience and wants to learn something new! The class is also the perfect fit for adult students who did ballet when they were younger and want to refresh their memory.


Flex is a high intensity body conditioning and flexibility class for anyone who wants to increase their strength and work on their flexibility. This class is perfect for dancers who want to maintain their strength, this is also great for anyone who wants a fun but challenging body boost.


This class is a creative and open ended session that will help dancers learn how to use their skills to create individual work and express themselves. Non dancers welcome!

For more information visit https://elizabethannedance.wordpress.com/classes-and-workshops/

News Location

Pyramid Studios Torquay

Parkfield House, Teignmouth Road

Website: https://elizabethannedance.wordpress.com/classes-and-workshops/

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