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Debuting at the I Am Joy Festival 2008, Dirty Cabaret has become a regular attraction in Chichester. Incorporating themes taken from the circus and fairground beneath the cover of darkness, Dirty Cabaret is a regular night of bands, burlesque and circus performance. Inspired by Tim Burton’s Red Triangle Circus from Batman Returns, Willy Wonka’s riverboat trip and The Childcatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the evening brings these diverse influences together in a dizzying eruption of sound and colour.

With Dirty Cabaret, Cat Gillison has created a sinister vaudevillian show that lures its unsuspecting spectators with lollipops and bright swirling psychedelic colours, then unleashes upon them a nightmarish barrage of excitement and danger, guaranteeing thrills and amazement in equal measure. Dirty Cabaret goers are treated to a range of acts including Burlesque dancers, jugglers, unicyclists, fire spinnerss and fire breathers, clowns and bands with gypsy punk, folk and cabaret influences. (The Joy Magazine)

If you would like to book Dirty Cabaret for your venue, festival or event, perform at a Dirty Cabaret evening or for more information please email: dirtycabaret@hotmail.com

For more information visit https://www.youtube.com/dirtycabaret

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