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&Piano / &Piano Music Festival


&Piano Music Festival

&Piano is a celebration of collaborative piano - music performed by singers and instrumentalists accompanied by piano. It aims to share and guide people around some of the most amazing music, performed by young and estab.....Read more

Paddock Community Trust / Paddock Community Trust

Paddock Community Trust

Paddock Community Trust

Paddock Community Trust is a registered charity delivering a range of community services throughout Kirklees. These include adult learning, employment support, environmental projects and providing training for young peo.....Read more

Pageturners Festival / Children's Reading Festival

Pageturners Festival

Children's Reading Festival

An exciting line-up of authors, illustrators, storytellers and arts events for children and families across Kirklees. This year's festival finale takes place on Saturday 22nd April and is headlined by popular chuildre.....Read more

PANDA-Performing Arts Network / PANDA Performing Arts Network & Develpt

PANDA-Performing Arts Network

PANDA Performing Arts Network & Develpt

PANDA (Performing Arts Network & Development Agency) is a membership network and support organisation focussing on the North of England. Our mission is to proactively support a vibrant enterprise culture by nurturing tal.....Read more

Parley / @byparley



Parley create spaces and projects to encourage arts and cultural conversation, connection, learning and development. We work with artists, practitioners and communities, driven by civic and common interest to support co-.....Read more

Pat Fulgoni / singer, promoter, producer, musician

Pat Fulgoni

singer, promoter, producer, musician

Examiner Community Award Winner (Music & Arts), Going Global Awards (Best New Export Initiative). "Fulgoni could sing a pearl from its oyster" (Billboard, USA) ... Pat's sung for labels incl Ram, Hospital, Sublimina.....Read more

Paul Graham / Photographer

Paul Graham


Hello! I'm a photographer working out of West Yorkshire. Specialising in skateboard, studio, landscape and documentary photography. I am currently a studio holder at Creative Arts Hub, Mirfield. My day job consists o.....Read more

Paul Myatt - Writer / Marigold and the Diamond Thieves

Paul Myatt - Writer

Marigold and the Diamond Thieves

Paul Myatt is from Liverpool and has lived in Huddersfield for over twenty years. After completing an MA in Screenwriting, Paul wrote several episodes of BBC TV drama, 'Doctors'. He has taught script writing to un.....Read more

Penistone Ladies Choir / Community Choir

Penistone Ladies Choir

Community Choir

We are a friendly choir, based just outside Kirklees in Pensitone, but being on the border with South Yorkshire, we attract many members from Kirklees and often have concerts within Kirklees. We were formed in 1986 .....Read more

Penistoneline / communityprojects



Penistone Line Partnership is the Community Rail Partnership that promotes the Huddersfield to Sheffield Railway. We work with communities along the line between Huddersfield to Denby Dale in West Yorkshire, and Peniston.....Read more

Pierrot Players

Amateur Dramatics Group

The Pierrot Players are an amateur dramatic society formed in 1981 in the villages of Shepley and Shelley near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. With few exceptions, we have performed two plays each year since then, drawin.....Read more

Pikcells / Pikcells Ltd


Pikcells Ltd

We are Pikcells, a design driven digital studio founded in Huddersfield in 2003. The focus of our work is making extremely good looking CGI and really useful Interactive solutions for large and small clients. Each projec.....Read more

PiPtoGrowStrong / Natasha McCreesh


Natasha McCreesh

My name is Natasha, to sum myself up - I believe in growing strong and only doing work that brings me joy. I'm Mum to Maia. A Cultural Explorer. I share jȏʏ reflections. I'm a Co-Conspirator, Collaborator, Coach, Mentor......Read more

Pixel Press

Graphic Design // Web // Print

We are a small design company based in Meltham, Huddersfield. We are specialise in graphic design, website design and print...Read more

Plain Quakers Theatre / Swansong

Plain Quakers Theatre


PLAIN QUAKERS THEATRE, based in Holmfirth, was founded by Arthur Pritchard and Mike Casey. In September and October we are performing our latest play, Swansong, a wry comedy about loneliness in old age, in a number .....Read more

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