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Communication Ice Age

Communication Ice Age

From Dex Hannon's latest work, Chaos Agri-Culture series. This is an exploration, Analogue vs Digital.

We are reaching for the future but we are stuck in the past. We strive for digital perfection but we love vinyl.

We can make a digital version of piano that sounds perfect.

But is that perfection really actually perfection?

Is perfection more when we hear a human playing that old piano?

Where so many outside chaotic influences can affect the playing.
The pianist was in a bad mood. The dust on a key made him press it a fraction slower than he should have done.
The piano is ever so slightly out of tune on one key.

I am beginning to question are we better to let go of the past and fully embrace a future where computers control everything, or should we rebel and hold on to our humanity.

How many times have we sat around with friends in a bar and they feel more comfortable messing with their phone?

This painting Communication Ice Age, is where I feel we are right now. We are far happier typing and talking to someone far away, than holding a conversation face to face. This is where we are.

An experiment.
Next time you are with friends socialising, pick up your phone check your messages. put your phone down and watch.
Most of them will pick up their phone to see if anybody is trying to talk to them,

yet they have all these people in front of them wanting to talk to them.

Communication Ice Age.

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