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Dex Hannon / News / Wed 07 Nov 2018

My Debut album is out!

My Debut album is out!

So i have been playing around with sounds. Experimenting with shifting the power of words in how you deliver them. I began playing around with Logic, music software. and started recording my poems and turning them into experimental works.

I decided I mostly hated my voice.
At this time in May a Mexican American girl in Portland Oregon was after some advice on the artworld, she wanted some mentoring, I was happy to oblige. I asked as a favour if she would record my words and see if we could make something from it.

Then by accident we had an album. I posted a few tracks around and a new Label from Cornwall, heard a few tracks and wanted to sign us.
Now we have a 3 year, 6 album, record contract and a debut album out!

Never say no to helping someone out, who knows where it can lead.

I should also point out. I have never met the girl who provides the words. We have only spoken on email and instagram. But I like that. Its a strange new way to create in a strange new world.

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