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Beginners Photography Workshop - West Yorkshire

Beginners Photography Workshop - West Yorkshire

Are you new to photography or have you taken a break from your hobby and would like to get back into it? This workshop has been developed with the sole aim of helping you realise the full potential of your camera. The workshops take place at various locations throughout West Yorkshire, and all throughout the year. Although themed around landscape, the tuition you receive will form a foundation to help you achieve great results in whatever area of photography it is that you might like to specialise in.

What will you learn?

1) Shooting modes – We’ll look at the best shooting modes with explanations of what works best for various situations. We’ll predominantly use manual.

2) File formats – The differences between RAW and JPEG

3) Focusing modes - We’ll explore the various focusing modes, including explanations of how to maximise or limit depth of field (sharpness) in an image.

4) Exposure - We’ll look at perfecting exposure with simple explanations regarding the cameras histogram and the various metering (light measuring) modes available on your camera.

5) Filters - We will cover the different situations that might require the use of filters. I have filters available for people to try out.

6) Basic editing - If time permits, we’ll also cover some basic editing on a laptop over lunch. This will possibly include simple ways to blend exposures in order to capture high contrast scenes, such as you would be faced with at sunrise or sunset.

The Beginners workshop lasts eight hours and group sizes are kept to a maximum of five people. This means I can spend lots of time with every group member on an individual basis, and you get the maximum out of the day.

Gift cards and vouchers are also available for this workshop.

For more information visit https://www.davidspeightphotography.co.uk/photography-workshops/view/beginners-photography-course-west-yorkshire

Event Location

Meeting Shibden Hall, Halifax

Various locations throughout West Yorkshire

Telephone: 07536 068 699
Email: info@davidspeightphotography.co.uk
Website: https://www.davidspeightphotography.co.uk/photography-workshops/view/beginners-photography-course-west-yorkshire

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