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Rag and Bone Janitor of the Ridiculous

Rag & Bone is Dave Young: I am an artist, maker, designer, bodger and artificer; making work for outdoor arts events, street theatre, carnivals, festivals, parades and more. I design and make giant puppets, great beasts, mechanical sculptures, large scale lanterns, pyrotechnic devices, wheeled marvels and processional devices.
My work is collaborative, wistful, humorous, filled with joy, created for the love of it, and made with genuine blood, sweat and tears.My work aims to plant shared dreams in unlikely places and make strange noises that fill the air, and a rough magic that tickles the soul.
Someone once described some of my work as: “…like totally bonkers mad max steampunk wombles.” Which was nice.

View my website http://www.rag-bone.org/

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Telephone: 07837 637 114
Email: dave.y@trans-mutation.com
Website: http://www.rag-bone.org/

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