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Workshops: How to Write Funding Applications (2 sessions)

Workshops: How to Write Funding Applications (2 sessions)

The Arts & Health Hub are running a two part workshop (16 & 30 April) which aims to demystify and breakdown the world of funding applications into something understandable and achievable for artists.

Who is running these workshops?
These workshops are run by Arts & Health Hub founder and Director Daniel Regan. His funding successes have come from multiple large grants from Arts Council England, National Lottery Community Fund, City Bridge Trust and private sponsors, through to smaller artist grants and bursaries from organisations such as A-N.

What will be covered?
Understanding the difference between certain types of grants (i.e artist development grants and public engagement funding);

Focusing on specific types of bids, including Arts Council England (i.e project grants);
How to clearly and concisely describe your work and what this funding will help you to achieve;

Understanding how to budget, pay yourself and consider the hidden costs;

Looking at partnerships with organisations;
Understanding what public engagement is.

Who are these workshops for?
Artists interested in diversifying the way that they fund their practice;

Those that have received small grants but want to learn about how to tackle larger and more complex funding applications (Arts Council England etc);

Artists wanting to understand the variety of different grants available and how to tailor their applications to different funders.

There are 2 free bursary placements available for these workshops. Bursaries are only available to registered Hub members who have a proven track record of engaging with the Arts & Health Hub prior to January 2020. These places are for artists from under-represented communities, including those:

Living with a disability;
On a low income;
From the LGBT+ community;
From non-white/ethnic minority backgrounds.

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