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Creative Kirklees / News / Wed 25 Jul 2018

What's Your Advice for Aspiring Artists?

What's Your Advice for Aspiring Artists?

IVE would love to have your advice on how to make it as an artist!

Exam results day will soon be upon us and plenty of talented young people across the UK will have lots to celebrate while others will not be so happy with their outcomes. IVE would like to reassure them that exams aren't everything and that poor academic results aren't a barrier into a career in the creative industries. So they would love to hear your stories of how you made it!

If you currently work in a creative industry they would love to hear any advice you'd like to give to young people today about the steps they should be taking to break in. What's the advice you wish you'd been given when you were younger? If you have something to share, please email with the details.

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