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Take part in an audit of music in Kirklees

Take part in an audit of music in Kirklees

An audit to map music in Kirklees is being undertaken and is part of a wider piece of work to develop music in Kirklees, together with plans for a year of music in 2023. This work is currently being supported by the Music Group, a partnership of Kirklees Council, the University of Huddersfield and a number of music organisations, festivals, independent venues, a record shop and label.

While collectively the Music Group reflects a range of interests, audiences and organisations of various sizes, it is understood that the current membership represents only a small segment of the Kirklees music ecology. The Music Group have therefore commissioned an audit to understand the wealth of diverse music activity that takes place in Kirklees. Pam Lonsdale is undertaking this audit and mapping exercise and emails are being sent out to various music groups and organisations across Kirklees to help gather information on music in Kirklees.

How to get involved in the audit:
The Music Group are keen to include as much musical activity as possible in the audit – if you would like to be involved contact Pam Lonsdale - If you’ve already been contacted by Pam please make sure you respond with the information requested. You simply need to submit your details and complete the necessary GDPR process.

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