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Performing Arts - Specific Details for Roadmap Out of Lockdown

Performing Arts - Specific Details for Roadmap Out of Lockdown

You will have heard the Prime Minister has set out his Covid-19 Reponse - Spring 2021 which presents the step by step roadmap to reopening.

This roadmap has been informed by the latest scientific evidence and seeks a balance between our key social and economic priorities, whilst preserving the health and safety of the country. Whilst dates remain conditional, we know that the sector has been calling for “no earlier than” dates and the roadmap provides these at 5 week intervals between each step. This is to allow the government and health experts time to assess the impact of the previous step and provide a week’s notice before changes occur.

In Step 2, drive in cinema and drive in performances will be the first level of activity permitted no earlier than 12 April, with social distancing remaining in place. The proposed pilot programme into the safe reopening of venues will also commence in this step.

In Step 3, indoor entertainment and the remainder of outdoor events will be able to resume no earlier than 17 May, with social distancing and previous capacity caps continuing. Non-professional activity will be able to resume at this time in line with social contact rules indoors and outdoors as was the case previously.

A full summary of how this impacts the performing arts sector at each step is set out in the document at the link below. The document includes a link to the full Covid 19 Response (Spring 2021).

We know that social distancing remains a key barrier to the sector. The roadmap is clear that large events above the Step 3 capacity restrictions will be permitted no earlier than 21 June. The decision to remove these limits will be subject to the outcome of the scientific Events Research Programme and potentially require the use of testing to reduce the risk of infection, subject to further evaluation. We have already been working with the sector, including through the Venues Steering Group, to develop sector intelligence and plans to feed into this research programme. The Events Research Programme will bring together the findings from across different sectors and different settings to determine a consistent approach to lifting restrictions on events.

The timings outlined in the roadmap are indicative, and the Government will be led by data, rather than fixed dates. Before taking each step, the Government will review the latest data and will only ease restrictions further if it is safe to do so. The indicative, ‘no earlier than’ dates in the roadmap are all contingent on the data and subject to change.

We know that the sector is also concerned with the continuation of economic support measures. At next week’s Budget the Chancellor will set out the next phase in our economic support package to reflect the steps set out in the Prime Minister’s roadmap to easing restrictions, tailoring support for individuals and businesses to reflect the changing public health restrictions.

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