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IVE: CONNECT workshop for Creatives: Digital facilitation

IVE: CONNECT workshop for Creatives: Digital facilitation

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CONNECT workshop for Creatives: Digital facilitation for beginners
VIA ZOOM | 01st Mar, 2021 1:00 pm - 3:15 pm

This 2 hour 15minutes workshop, delivered via Zoom by Mortal Fools, will explore confident comms on digital platforms, looking at developing communication skills and confidence to ensure clear communication during digital engagements, getting your message across, being heard and delivering a positive engagement experience for your intended audience. We will be sharing some communication theory, their experience, hints and tips from Mortal Fools drama practitioners.

They will not be exploring functionality of platforms or technical elements – this is a communication skills workshop for beginners run by experienced theatre practitioners focusing on boosting confidence. During this unprecedented time, more and more of us are having to digitally communicate, pitch, participate in meetings, run workshops and use video or soundbites to talk to audiences, clients and wider networks.

For many, the use of digital platforms and 100% focus on digital communications is a whole new world raising a range of new challenges and edging even the most confident communicator out of their comfort zone and yet it’s never been more important to be confident, clear and communicate effectively to connect with your intended audience to get your message across. This workshop will help you do just that.

This workshop will cover:

Presenting your activity for the first time online.

How to manage what people see, hear, feel and think during your session.

Keeping people engaged.

Protocols for chat / Qs / comments

Effective facilitation online.

Online facilitation skills.

Post workshop – all participants will receive workshop notes with resources highlighted and you will get access to a Mortal Fools Facebook group, so you can ask questions and of course, offer each other peer to peer support and advice.

About the Facilitator
Mortal Fools is a multi award-winning theatre, drama and creative learning charity. CONNECT is their unique training and professional development programme for organisations and individuals that uses practical training to help people to grow and thrive.

Suitable for: Artists and creatives in the Arts and Culture sector working in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Please note, we charge a fully refundable deposit to encourage attendance. Refunds will be sent to attendees within 36 hours of the event/course end date. If you are unable to attend, please let us know at least 2 days before the event/course start date. Those who fail to cancel their ticket or attend will forfeit their deposit.

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