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Huddersfield Masterplan Revealed

Huddersfield Masterplan Revealed

One of the biggest transformation plans for Huddersfield town centre has been revealed.

Kirklees Council’s highly anticipated masterplan proposes to install a new ‘Cultural Heart’ into Huddersfield, upgrade the train and bus stations and revamp the ‘dingier’ parts of the town centre.

The bold project, set to be worth £250m over ten years, will see six areas of the town centre lavished with regeneration cash and will also result in the demolition of the Piazza shopping centre.

The six areas earmarked in the plans are:

- The train station area
- St Peter’s Gardens and Northumberland Street
- The Kingsgate and king street vicinity
- New Street
- The Civic Quarter and Huddersfield bus station
- The ‘Cultural Heart from the library to the university

While the first five zones mainly revolve around improved landscaping and aesthetics, it is the last that is most profound in terms of re-shaping and the town centre.

To create the cultural heart, council chiefs have revealed they have purchased the Piazza shopping centre buildings in order to knock them down.

This will allow their vision of connecting the library, the Lawrence Batley Theatre and Huddersfield University with one big public space.

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