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Holmfirth Arts Festival Banner Parade

Holmfirth Arts Festival Banner Parade

The Textile Banner Parade, created by Edgelands Arts with people from across the Holme Valley, and embracing the theme of Generations of Innovators, will fill the streets of Holmfirth with a riotous carnival of colour and music.

The parade is inspired by the places which make up Holme Valley, the people who live in it, the textiles which are manufactured here and the crafts made in peoples homes.

Communities from across the Holme Valley have come together to learn new techniques and share existing skills, working with textiles of all types and colours. Fabrics include fine woollen cloth manufactured by Bower Roebuck in New Mill, hand painted landscapes on silk, long ribbon flags showing personal stories from the heart of the community, knitting and crocheting alongside an exploration of the ground-breaking innovations in textile production at the University of Huddersfield and across the industry.

Also featured as part of the WOVEN festival!

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