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Get Creative 2019

Get Creative 2019

Get Creative is a campaign run by a group of cultural organisations to celebrate and support the everyday creativity happening in homes and public spaces.

From guerrilla gardening in your street to paint by numbers in your local library, via nail art, yarn bombing and singing in a choir, the aim is to build an actively creative UK that caters for people of every age, background and ability. It aims to inspire people to try something new at home or at a Get Creative event, and to share their own examples of everyday creativity.

The BBC has teamed up with a host of organisations to make getting creative easy and enjoyable. The campaign works with organisations to create participatory events that are accessible for everyone and to develop local networks that create new collaborations and relationships. If you run a group or organisation and want to be part of Get Creative, sign up here.

The next Get Creative Festival takes place from 11 - 19 May 2018.

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