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Fundraising for Individual Artists Online Course (21 & 28 Jan)

Fundraising for Individual Artists Online Course (21 & 28 Jan)

This course will be delivered virtually via Zoom in two separate 2.5 hour sessions. The first of these will take place on the 21.01.2022 at 10-12.30 / the second will take place on the 28.01.2022 10-12.30. Both of these are necessary to complete the full training. If you have any questions about how this day will run virtually please get in touch with Sarah at

This course focuses on the key principles of fundraising as an artist, raising money for your own work. It is delivered in partnership with Deanna Rodger. The skills to raise money to develop your own artistic practice are vital to be able to continue to make new work and opportunities as the sector emerges from the impact of Covid-19.

Who is this for?
Artists and freelancers who are looking to raise funds to support the development of new work. Producers raising funds for individuals may also find the course helpful in considering ways to approach fundraising.

You will learn:
An overview of the key different types of fundraised income
How to generate great fundraising ideas and to build a Case for Support for your work
To understand what funders will be looking for post Covid-19
How to write persuasively to win funding
How to build relationships with supporters
How to prepare effective budgets for funders
Practical examples of how an artist has developed support for their work
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Course date: Jan 21 to Jan 28 2022, 10-12.30

Cost £30.00 plus vat

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