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ESSENTIAL GUIDANCE - Bouncy castles & inflatables

ESSENTIAL GUIDANCE - Bouncy castles & inflatables

School’s out and summer is here so that means there are lots of outdoor events, local galas and even private parties where bouncy castles or other inflatable play equipment are available.

Whilst they are seen as great fun for children, they can also be lethal if used incorrectly. In recent years there have been a number of high profile incidents where equipment has been blown away, flipped over or caught fire/exploded. Sadly children have been badly injured or in some cases tragically lost their lives due the incorrect use of such equipment. It is therefore essential that event organisers and members of the public know what to ask operators for or look for so they can feel confident the equipment;

•is installed correctly including being properly anchored – a minimum of 6 anchors points (more for large inflatables) with metal stakes and ropes (soft ground) or ballast (hardstanding)
•condition has been checked for compliance and is safe – does it have the correct certification? Look for the PIPA tag. BUT don’t rely on the tag completely as you also need to visually check the equipment once installed – is the stitching in good order, does it look to be the correct shape, etc.
•will be operated correctly – for example, did you know an inflatable should not be used if the wind speed is 24mph or above?... and for some inflatables it is even less than this

There are two national inspection schemes which are approved by the Health and Safety Executive covering inflatables (and other fairground equipment) - and On both of these sites you can check the PIPA tag number.

In addition, below are links for further guidance and information;

If you have any concerns about an operator and/or the equipment being provided, always err on the side of safety and do not allow it at your event.

Have an enjoyable and safe summer!

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