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Crowdfunding – its free money right? (webinar)

Crowdfunding – its free money right? (webinar)

What is it about?

Have you witnessed a great project get let down because the crowdfunding campaign was put online and left waiting for the money to roll in? This workshop will give you the building blocks to develop your own successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Jo Breeze (crowdfunding consultant) will share various platforms and funding models available. Learn about the types of projects that suit crowdfunding – and those that don’t, and the skills and resources you’ll need in place. You’ll develop an understanding of the crucial pre-launch planning as well as how to manage a live campaign. Discover how best to include crowdfunding in your marketing campaign and how to ensure it fits with your wider organisational strategy.

What will I gain?

- An understanding of the process involved in a crowdfunding project;
- Insight into which platforms will work best for any crowdfunding campaign;
- Knowledge of how to plan and implement a successful campaign.

Who is it for?

The workshop is for anyone considering running a crowdfunding campaign. You’ll benefit if you’re looking to understand the correct approach to crowdfunding and want to gain a full understanding of the processes involved.

How do I take part?

We will be using an online training platform called WebEx for this event. Before booking, please complete the online training checklist ( to ensure you get the most out of this training.


- AMA member rate: £55 + VAT
- Non-member: £115 + VAT

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