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Creative Economic Conference at Bradford Literature Festival

Creative Economic Conference at Bradford Literature Festival

Bradford Literature Festival’s Creative Economic Conference (CEC), will focus on the crucial importance of the creative industries to the UK economy, placing the cultural sector at the heart of ‘levelling up’ in the North through economic and social regeneration.

National and northern economic and creative sector specialists will come together in the city on 24 June at the University of Bradford to share knowledge and best practice through expert opinion, debate, discussion with business leaders, creative organisations, practitioners and those setting off on their journey in the economic or creative sectors.

The festival’s Creative Economic Conference combines two essential themes that aren’t commonly discussed together: culture and economics, and will see experts from across the sectors tackle the most urgent and impactful challenges facing the creative industries today.

The day will feature panel discussions on topics including Levelling Up in the North, The Future of TV, Digital Currency, Art and Activism, Universal Basic Income, Digital Poverty and more.

For an overview of the Creative Economy Conference Programme please follow this link:

To book your tickets, visit the Creative Economic Conference Eventbrite page - link below. (concessions available).

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